Pozzi Leopoldo RCR EOP - heat recovery system





Apart from the traditional high enthalpy fields of application mainly in the industrial heat recovery from dirty effluents, the improved RheX design opens new application opportunities wherever the high viscosity of fluids was preventing RCR, its former counterpart, an undisputed success.      
A typical example is the use of RHeX as a pre-heater of clay slip, in which case 70% solid clay is dispersed in only 30% water and fed to the following atomizing process for drying. The new design treats the heavy, viscous fluid flawlessly, opening new opportunities in the pursuit of quality and savings within the production cycle of ceramic tiles.



The innovative use of our exchanger in this particular field of application has been patented. In the world of Ceramics, POZZI has started a fruitful cooperation with two partners active in this field: EMILGAS srl and MENOENERGIA Srl.