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Industrial water cooling exchanger

Many industrial applications during their process, discharge dirty and polluted water at high temperatures. Normally these flows need to be treated by an Industrial Treatment Plant (or Effluent Treatment Plant). The most efficient type is a Biological Treatment Plant, which only allows effluents with temperatures no higher than 38-40°C as they rely on bacteria, which would not survive at higher temperatures. It becomes therefore evident that in these situations it becomes necessary to cool down these fluids with an industrial water cooling exchanger.

RHeX, in cases like these, is not only useful for heat recovery, but it also works as a waste water cooling exchanger.

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waste water heat exchanger
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Dirty water heat recovery machine

RHeX Rotating cooling exchangers

RHeX is a heat exchanger specifically designed to work with dirty and polluted liquids. Our patented solution, which has been co-founded by the European Union (European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under Grant Agreement n°723930) and has been recognized internationally by the Solar Impulse Foundation as well as the European Commission's Innovation Radar.

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The requirements

The unit is completely self-cleaning. There are no tubes nor filters to be cleaned. RHeX is a modular system, which makes it ideal for placing in small spaces and does not interfere with the process. It is installed very quickly with a limited amount of piping involved.

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Rhex rotating heat exchangers machine

Industrial water cooling exchanger

An application example

Pozzi Leopoldo has designed and built a self-cleaning heat exchange unit, which has become extremely successful throughout the world over the last decades. MADE ENTIRELY IN STAINLESS STEEL 316L, the heat exchanger has a central exchanging element rotated continuously by a small motor.

Example of industrial effluent cooling in Steel Hardening plants

During the production of steel a process known as “quenching” is very common. This term refers to a process in which a particular fluid is used to cool the steel that has been heated red-hot. As the quenching fluid warms up, it will also require to be cooled. Quenching oil however will always contain contaminants after having been used (mill scale, soot, pastes, metal dust etc.). In this environment, RHeX is used to as an industrial “water” cooler exchanger, so to efficiently cool this oil and avoiding all the issues that traditional exchangers would have with the contaminants present.

Industrial effluent cooling - Industrial effluent cooling

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RHeX Rotating Heat exchangers



RHeX in Poultry Industry


RHeX in the ceramic Industry


RHeX robot welding


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