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The ultimate heat exchanger for heat recovery


Evolution is a function of time.
After years of undisputed success, the initial concept of rotating heat recovery systems developed with the RCR in thousands of worldwide successful plants has given birth to its latest flavour: the RHeX. Modular disks are no more welded to each other, they are simply mounted on a shaft, allowing substitution.

More compact footprint, together with the novel “pushing action“ generated by the new disk design make it the easier to install and more efficient rotary exchanger ever.


Perfect heat recovery system

Pozzi Leopoldo has designed and built a self-cleaning heat exchange unit, which has become extremely successful throughout the world over the last decades. MADE ENTIRELY IN STAINLESS STEEL 316L, the heat exchanger has a central exchanging element rotated continuously by a small motor.

The design of our perfect heat recovery system for the industry addresses three important areas.

Ability to perform

When working with fluids contaminated with a large quantity of suspended solids, fouling and clogging are not a problem, its self-cleaning action maintains efficiency constant.

Reduction of maintenance

Dirt built-up on the exchanging surfaces is simply non-existent. Periodical cleaning is a matter of minutes, no pre-filtering is required so no filter cleaning operations are needed.

Matching with the rest of the plant

Easy to install. The primary fluid is fed to the exchanger by gravity, so in most applications no need for pumping. No filtering required. Compact.
Low pressure losses throughout the circuit. Modular design for ease of requirement matching.

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Well-established among textile machinery manufacturers worldwide, in recent years POZZI LEOPOLDO have moved from the historical century-old factory in Agliate to new premises in Barlassina, corresponding to the spirit of renovated enthusiasm that POZZI put in their activity.

Since 1885 ... expertise and energy for the future.


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